Central Saint John Community Ministry is about repairing the social fabric of our community, one person at a time.

We are a husband and wife team who serve central Saint John as community priests. We live in the downtown core of the city (or Uptown as locals call it). We partner with various churches and organizations to care for those who are in unstable circumstances or who find themselves on the margins of our society. Through English language groups, Support groups, Drop-ins, and relationship focused programs, we bring people together and point them to the source of all hope.

Our main programs are:

The Emmaus Way: a friendship group that surrounds people who are struggling through difficult situations and gives them support.

Kids Lead: A community development program for kids aged 7-12. In this 12 week course kids explore non-profit organizations in the city and learn how to be involved in community change.

ESL Bible Study: A way to learn English and deepen faith at the same time.

Drop-ins: Safe places to relax, have something to eat, and enjoy the company of others.

The Art of Prayer: an 8 week program that helps us connect to God using a wide variety of prayer methods and that spans a number of traditions.

We work through Stone church and hold an office and program space at Trinity Church. Most of our programs are held on the 2nd floor of Trinity Church at 115 Charlotte street.

To find out more about what we do or if you are interested in our programs please contact us!

Revs. Terence and Jasmine Chandra


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  1. Thanks for the for all your wonderful advice.We are in great need for miracles from Our Lord.We have to be in much prayer.I really enjoyed reading your website very encouraging.


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